Wednesday, February 01, 2012

RobotShop sucks's customer service sucks.  I paid extra for 2-day shipping, and 4 days later they emailed me back asking for my social security number.  I had to work out on my own that it (probably) wasn't an identity theft scam, but something to do with import duties (they ship from Canada), because they didn't give any reason why they wanted it.

So I sent them my company's taxpayer ID, and the next day I get a voicemail asking me for it once again.  So we're almost a week on, it still hasn't shipped, and they're apparently not even reading their email.  Ugh.


Anonymous said...

same here. they really suck!

RobotShop said...

We are terribly sorry concerning this delay and apologize for any inconveninece this has caused you. We know fast shipping is very important to our customers and we hate when we are unable to ship an order the same day. You may contact our Feedback and complaint department to have a refund of your shipping cost. The delay is unusual and we will gladly refund your shipping cost.

In order to ship orders faster, we sometimes ship from our Canadian warehouse (if not available in our USA warehouse). When we do so, we need a tax ID for orders over 2000$ for custom purposes (by the way, we cover all customs fees so there are no extra charges to the customer). For individuals, customs need a social security number for orders over 2000$ but we do not ask for it (we transfer the missing products to our Vermont warehouse and ship from there). We will definitely check that everyone here is following this procedure as they should. Once we have the tax ID in your account, we do not need to ask you again should a similar situation happen in the future.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. We want to offer a fast and good service to all our clients and we are in a continuous improvement process.


The RobotShop Team

RBSucks said...

Vermont "Warehouse" lol IT'S A FARM!