Thursday, February 23, 2012

Copying files to Galaxy Nexus from Ubuntu

Update: sshdroid now works well for me with scp.  Be sure to change the default password!

Wow, what a pain.  MTP support in lucid is broken, or at least incredibly slow for galaxy nexus.  PTP works okay with nautilus / gphoto2, but is also painfully slow.  The various ssh servers all seem to be broken (I just get connection timed out errors when I try to ssh in).

Ultimately I ended up installing the "SwiFTP" ftp server app (ugh! plain ftp with no security!), but it worked great over wifi.  I even managed to mount it using curlftpfs as root:

curlftpfs -o allow_other,user=username:password ftp://username@ /mnt/GalaxyNexus

With that done, I could use rsync to copy some music over:

rsync -T /tmp -rv --progress --exclude='*.wav' --exclude='*.flac' . /mnt/GalaxyNexus/sdcard/Pictures/music/

(The -T /tmp was necessary since curlftpfs doesn't seem to allow creating temp files)


Achren said...

I tried doing this and I could list the contents of my phone but as soon as I tried to look in any sub directories or at any files I got nothing but input/output errors. Do you know of any fix for that?

Anonymous said...

You used curlftpfs? Permissions problem perhaps? Try as root?

Achren said...

I did it as root. It didn't work at all otherwise.