Monday, January 02, 2012

Walmart / vudu video rental sucks

Just for the heck of it, we tried renting a video at's vudu streaming service.  It was unwatchable, freezing every few seconds for buffering.  Checked our connection with, and the connection is fine.

And of course they've taken netflix's nonexistent customer service approach, with no way to ask for a refund.  Thanks Walmart for wasting a half hour of my time.


Wango said...

Vudu is yet another shit quality product of Walmart. Just like the store, it's low quality & NO help as in a store isle. I'm sticking with Netflix for $8.00 or Hulu Plus, they have ups & downs. But Walmart products, like Vudu has no ups.

Anonymous said...

Had to call into Vudu four times now. One movie's sound wasn't synced. One movie didn't have the subtitles it was supposed to have. One movie had sound you couldn't hear at all even with volume at full blast. Movies buffer all the time despite strong connection. Terrible, terrible service. Also, if you call with an issue, they put you on hold while they check the movies themselves. Usually on hold for 10 minutes plus. God, Walmart is awful.

Anonymous said...

Just got a new rca surround sound dvd/blue ray system. Got a free vudu movie and watched it flawlessly. Watched another mivie without a single skip in 1080 high def dilby 5.1. Built in Pandora radio on the thing is pretty sweet also. The only downside is no way to use a wireless keyboard or mouse to type instead of mouse.