Sunday, January 04, 2015

Building new drawers

The crappy drawers in my kitchen were falling apart, so I took the faceplaces off and built new drawers.  I used 3/4" melamine-backed plywood for the sides, and 1/4" melamine-backed MDF for the bottom.  You can see a notch in the lowest tenon of each box joint where I cut the dado for the bottom.

I'm happy with how solid they turned out, but I managed to chip the melamine and sand through it in places when I was sanding the tails of the box joints flush.  So that's a cosmetic annoyance.

Everything's glued and nailed in place.  The nails through the box joints are another cosmetic issue, but I wanted the strength.  I guess if I cared enough, I could fill and paint it all smooth.

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