Monday, August 11, 2014

Xadow analogRead

Updated: figured it out

I can't make sense of the pin mapping on this Xadow board to read analog values.  Note that analogRead() has funny behavior to start with.  But I looped through pins 18-29 (A0..A10 in pins_arduino.h), and the only one that came up with anything on analogRead() was 23, which seems to correspond with the pin labeled SCL on the breakout board.

I can't find anything that would explain how SCL/23/A5 relate to each other, or what other values would even be sensible to try.  There's a pin labeled A5 on the board, but pins_arduino.h #defines it as 23, and somehow that ends up on the pin labeled SCL.

At least I found one pin on which I can read the ADC.

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