Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gnome Network Manager (lucid) "apply" button greyed out

My 2wire DSL modem has a DNS server in it that I can't shut off, and when we start heavily using the network, DNS lookups get really slow or fail completely.  Lame!  Sometimes I've resorted to editing my /etc/resolv.conf by hand and then doing chattr +i to keep it from changing, but that's pretty inelegant, and sucks when I want to use wireless at work.

Turns out there's a solution in the gnome network manager gui.  Right click on the icon, then edit connections... wireless... edit the appropriate network... IPv4 settings... then change to "Automatic (DHCP) addresses only".  Then you can put, google's public DNS server, in the "DNS servers" field.

Now, when I tried that just now, it worked fine except that the "apply" button was greyed out.  I tried a bunch of things, like killing nm-applet and restarting it as root, but what finally seemed to do the trick was right clicking on the icon and unchecking "Enable networking" before doing my edits.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton, I also experience this issue. When I get load on my 2wire. I can't wait to try it out when I get home. It's horrid at times. I'll be in the middle of working on a site for instance Unlock The Inbox, then at the most inopportune time it goes down for a minute, before it comes back up. I also thought it was AT&T DSL, but this makes much more sense.