Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Regarding Bryce

My apologies in advance.

Boyce: Bob, I'd like you to meet my brother, Bruce.
Bruce: Bob, I'm Bruce Bryce. It's a pleasure.
Bob: Bob Bluth, Bruce. Likewise. Where are you from?
Boyce: Bruce is from Blythe.
Bruce: Yes, I'm a lumber man. I grow Spruce in Blythe.
Bob: Blue Spruce?
Bruce: Both Blue and True Spruce. And in fact, I'm working on a new variety that's a mix of the two.
Bob: A True Blue Spruce?
Bruce: Exactly.
Bob: How's it going?
Bruce: It's back-breaking work. I lost half my trees this year to a blight.
Bob: That's terrible! What type of blight?
Bruce: Nobody knows. They're just calling it the Blythe Blight.
Bob: How did the True Blue do?
Bruce: It beat both the True and the Blue. In fact, it did so well I had to rename it. We're going to call it Bruce Bryce's Blythe Blight Beating True Blue Spruce.

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djm said...

Next, tweetle beetles battle Bruce Bryce