Friday, August 20, 2010

Extract boot.img from an android phone

(I did this on my rooted, boot-unlocked nexus one (HTC Passion) running cyanogen cm6. Cyanogen is probably not necessary, but boot-unlocking and rooting are).

This tutorial pointed me in the right direction.

I did:
$ adb pull /dev/mtd/mtd2 boot.img-from-phone

Then put it right back using:
$ adb reboot bootloader
[wait for bootloader to come up]
$ sudo ./fastboot flash boot boot.img-from-phone
$ sudo ./fastboot reboot

I could have also taken it apart and replaced the kernel with my own.


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Anonymous said...

where is actually the boot.img file ?
where is it on othere devices?is it in same folders in all?or differ?