Saturday, July 10, 2010

Xorg window redraw: workaround by forcing update

When using Sketchup in wine on my ubuntu linux machine, I find that it doesn't update the screen properly. For instance, if I hit control-A to select everything, I don't see the selection until I do something else. That is, the screen seems to be one update behind.

Here's a workaround that works with Sketchup: in a separate terminal, I run:

$ watch -n 0.3 xrefresh -geometry 1x1+500+500

That uses xrefresh to create a 1x1 pixel x11 window at 500,500 on the screen every 0.3 seconds. That's enough to get sketchup to redraw itself.

If that's not enough, you can run xrefresh without the -geometry option to have it draw a window the size of the entire screen. But that's a lot more distracting.

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