Thursday, June 17, 2010

OS statistics from wikimedia

It's surprisingly hard to find statistics on linux distribution popularity by version number.

But wikipedia to the rescue. Their squid logs break down user-agent string statistics by OS. Here's the May 2010 report:

Linux seems to account for about 2% of all browsing. It looks like some browsers just report "Linux" as their OS, unfortunately. But among os-versioned browser strings, it looks like Ubuntu dominates linux distros by about 10:1, and almost all Ubuntu users are running either Lucid or Karmic (about 50/50).

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g7nbp said...

One factor to keep in mind:

Hardy (8.04) was an LTS release and will have been installed because of the "Long Term Support" on very large numbers of servers.

Very few servers ever browse wikipedia ;)

Stats are useful ONLY for desktop users.