Friday, September 25, 2009

Shopbot joinery

I tried my first joinery on the shopbot today. It's a concept for a sideboard to foot joint for a bed. I recessed the post 1/8" deeper than the plywood to give it a sense of depth when assembled, but I'm still deciding whether I like the effect. Maybe with a very gentle roundover on the post edges.

Here are my Sketchup, PartWorks and Shopbot partfiles. The partfiles are written for a 1/4" bit.

The raised sections of the post need a little rounding off at the tip to accommodate the 1/4" radius in the mating part; I should probably fix that in the sketchup model before I do any more of those. Also, in partworks, I relieved the plywood path by 0.030" so it had enough clearance to fit. I like how the fit came out with that amount of clearance.


zomad said...

nice - looks like a fancy variation on a cross lap. I'd call it a Holt Lap.

filleting corners in sketchup is a pain, so much so that I will sometimes export to partworks fillet there and re export/import back to sketchup.

YourBiggestFan said...

I love the way this looks, too. You create cool things!