Friday, May 01, 2009

Ubuntu "a camera has been detected" dialog checkbox "always perform this action" doesn't work

Whenever ubuntu detects that you've plugged in a camera, it opens an annoying dialog box. It's sad that this bug still hasn't been fixed, since it's been known for so long. But here's what to do, as reported by hammer89 in this bug. I'm posting it here to make it easier to find:

Open a terminal and type gconf-editor ... then in the list on the left navigate to / --> desktop --> gnome --> volume_manager --> prompts... then change the value for "camera_import_photos" to "1"

It's amazing how many hits I've gotten on my "fix gutsy" post. It seems that lots of bug fixes don't get good visibility, so little public services like this are actually pretty useful.

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Jeffrey said...

Thanks for the tip!