Friday, August 15, 2008

Netflix FAIL

Wow. So, I logged in to my Netflix account specifically to thank Netflix for publicly owning up to their recent shipping problems.

But they don't provide any actual way to contact the company except over the phone (hold time: 7 minutes). So now I'm pissed and highly inclined to cancel my account. Way to piss off a happy customer.

Also, if you're going to only accept inquiries via telephone, at least state that up front (but that sucks; why should I wait on hold?). Don't make me manually crawl your site looking for a contact form.

If you want to actually make your customers happy, put up an email address. Not a web form, an email address. (Would you want your account reps to have to visit a different website for every response they ever send? Neither do I want to stumble around on your website for 20 minutes to find some crappy form to type in a message.)

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